2016. április 5., kedd

Soutache braid types

Here is a good description of Soutache or Russian braid types. It is not easy to find a good description, in Hungarian I could not find at all. (Maybe I should finally write my own experience.) You can choose depending on your taste, own experience is required. If possible, do not choose Chinese ones, instead find braid manufactered in Czhech Rebublic or USA. My favorite is Rayon flat 2.5 mm (a semi-synthetic fiber also known under names like "viscose rayon" and "art silk") :) They are perfect for complicated details. Though they are not the cheapest, my favorite reseller is Craftemall. Good quality, fast and they are reliable sellers. If you would like to buy bigger quantity and you are from Europe, I can recommend Stoklasa :)

Thank you Elizabeth Soutache !


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